Typography, a Collaborative Practice

Best Designed Student Book, Longlist, ABDA, 2024
An anthology exploring typography’s historical influence on cultural aesthetics and its wider social and political impact. This volume aims to position designers as co-authors, collaborators and facilitators, the puppet masters of the cultural zeitgeist. Through collaboration and co-authorship this publication presents the unique perspectives of Master of Communication Design students and the experiences that have shaped their typographic discernment.

128pp, perfect bound, 170x240mm
Typeset in Herbik by Daniel Veneklaas, Counter Forms

Supervised by Ziga Testen

mi manchi amico mio

Best Student Publication, Finalist, AGDA, 2022 
A publication that explores mnemonics and its manifestations in visual culture. The book acts as an extension of my theoretical research, showcasing a collection of images from my family archive. Each spread in the publication is treated as a fragment of memory, with no chronology but a fluidity similar to that of a Neorealist film.

Supervised by Ela Egidy and John Warwicker

The Saturday Paper, rebrand

In collaboration with Yew Qi Yap, Li Jun Wang, Yungmeng Jia &Ananya Saini
To aid in the Saturday Paper’s transition from print to digital, we proposed a gradual move away from print through the design of a b5 mini-newspaper as well as a refresh of the branding and digital offerings across their website and social media platforms.

The design draws upon the strong typographic language of headlines on newsstands in Melbourne in the early to mid-20th century. Bold headlines replace images emphasising witty and eye-catching headlines and showcasing The Saturday Paper's unique tone of voice.

170x270mm, unbound, on bulky news

Supervised by Ziga Testen